About Us

Flag Star Residential - Taking the lead in property management

Flagstar Residential connects you with exclusive properties, locations, and amenities.  Experience luxury living for less, with exceptional customer service and support.

We combine years of real estate experience with a vast portfolio of beautiful properties to bring  all our clients into the home they deserve.

We specialize in condo management, residential buildings, rental, and leasing. All of our  properties are meticulously maintained, kept in optimum condition, and tailored specifically to  the needs of our clients.

Since our founding, our mission has been to truly provide the comforts of home to each and  every tennant. It’s why we place so much value on your experience. Everything counts when it  comes to a home.

We provide personalized and rapid response services that help us build lasting relationships  with every client. For us, our passion is making you truly feel at home.

At Flag Star Residential, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients by offering  personalized and efficient tennant services. This is how we set ourselves apart from other  companies.

Our experienced staff is available now to connect you with the perfect home. Call us today and  discover the Flag Star difference.